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Welcome to Agiazi


Welcome to Agiazi!


A manor with two floors, situated at Campos of Chios, Leoni Kalvokoresi str., is declared as scheduled by the Ministry of Culture.

The writer George Theotokas, in a few-paged tourist guide for the island of Chios, described Campos as one of the most beautiful and select corners of Greece. According to him, Chios is the ideal place for someone who desires to stay forever in several moments of his life, with a "closed", internal life and fenced valuable things.

Fragovouni of Campos is full of such manor stony houses that belonged to merchant families who were traveling all over the world for the trade of the silk, at first and the citrus fruits later (Grimaldi, Kalvokoresi, Halkousi); this area is also plenty of small churches built with the special stone in earth colors with red and yellow tones from Thimiana's stone-pits.

The sea is not far away and anyone can see it from the terraces of the houses. Thimiana (a craftsmen village) is near to the house, too as well as the cosmopolitan beach of Karfas, the town of Chios with the nightlife in summer, the taverns.

Every property is sort of self-sufficient and is surrounding with high, stony walls, built by the same material of the local stone. These walls give the sense of privacy, the discreet and peaceful way of living, the life that you are invited to have in Campos of Chios.

Every property is constituted of the central house, the small houses nearby, the yard with the draw-well and the cistern as well as the orchard.
Campos' people had brought a variety of trees, flowers and morphological details from the entire planet, which decorate today the yards, the orchards and the house.

The ground floor of our manor house was built around 1750 and the main floor at the end of 19th century. The elements of each age, such as domes, openings, decorating and morphological details have been preserved and discreet establishments were added in the hotel for a modern accommodation.

The furnishing of the rooms constitutes of authentic furniture with the same style of this area.



Agiazi, L. Kalvokoresi str., Fragovouni, Campos, Chios 82100 | tel: 2271032553 | fax: 2271032553