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Welcome to Agiazi




"Agiazi": The dewdrops on the edges of the tree leaves in the late spring mornings.

Our building is a traditional manor stony house in Campos, surrounded by large yards where you can enjoy your coffee, tea or refreshment with your family and friends.

We offer a quite and clean environment full of peace and tranquility.

Surrounded by orchards with orange and mandarin-trees and gardens, our lodgings offer generously to you the freshness of the countryside.

At the central yard there is a basin with a draw-well, which decorates characteristically all the manor houses in Campos.

At the entrance there is the reception hall and as soon as we pass the central gate, we will face the big domed passage, on both sides of which, there are the rooms.

At the end of the passage, there is a door that leads to the arcade (domed yard) and the central road afterwards.

The view from the surrounded terraces is fantastic.

St. Constantine's monastery comes into view imposing from the peak of the hill and the village of Thimiana appears at the far end of the street.

The bright green landscape is stretched away in front of your eyes and over of the high, stony wall of the house.

Agiazi, L. Kalvokoresi str., Fragovouni, Campos, Chios 82100 | tel: 2271032553 | fax: 2271032553